hello world

Hooray!! It’s finally begun. The blog. I have been talking about doing this for, well, ever.

I recently realized that almost a month had gone by where I had worked more than I care to speak of, and I couldn’t remember accomplishing anything that I deemed worthwhile (outside of the ridiculous hours at work). Later that day, while waiting on my fast food dinner, I started browsing through pictures on my phone. There were a million.

Which sparked an idea…..

To document the little things that I (and the fam) do through pictures.  I am going to attempt to post a picture a day, so I am able to look back and see all the little moments that are so precious. So to start us out is a picture from my drive into work, although that is really all I did today, at least I had these few precious moments to bask in the beauty around me 🙂


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