~ birthday preparations ~

the 5 year old birthday is practically upon us!!  i cannot believe my baby is turning five in two days. i won’t get started just yet on how much i adore her and how quickly the past five years have flown by and how grown up she already seems.  i will save those rantings for her actual birthday.  but today we spent the day prepping for the party and just enjoying the day!

this is what i woke up to this morning. gorgeous.

she was thrilled about the early pikl present 🙂

we went to get her nails done.  This was a dual birthday present and reward for not biting her nails.  [i couldn’t get my nails done, as i still bite mine :/ ]

It was a rainy, yucky day out and she was not in the mood for pictures, per the usual.

silliness in the car

we got a new juicer! and we had fun picking out lots of fruit and veggies to juice up. thus our fridge looks very healthy.  [we will see how long this lasts]

then i took a mommy break and went to see the Hunger Games.  altogether a wonderful Saturday!





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