the giving tree

last night Berkley picked the giving tree by shel silverstein for her bedtime story.  we were both so excited to be reading together, as i have not been able to read her bedtime story in months!

unfortunately i forgot just how sad of a book the giving tree was.  bug sat silently as i read through the entire book which was the first indicator that something was wrong.  when i finished she looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Mom that is the saddest book I ever read”.  i didn’t know how to respond, as i agreed that it was sad. then the tears started pouring and she told me why the book was terrible. “He took everything from her and made her so sad. He even cut down one of her love hearts.  Why would he do that to her when she loved him so much?  I just want to give that book away, it is the worst book ever.”

then started a philosophical conversation about what would happen if we ran out of trees, but still needed houses?  why were people so selfish, why do we have to use money, and why do we die (we had to call in daddy for this one so she could ask him to please never die, at least not until she was older than him).  it was a sob fest (it seems like i have been doing a lot of that lately now that i have this practically grown five year old)!

once we had calmed down a bit, she decided that we needed “a funny book to make us not sad anymore”.  thus we read the vanishing pumpkin by tony johnston.  and although we had read this book before and not found it very funny, we made it funny this time.   “Why does the old man have his pants around his chest?!  Why do they clap all the time?  “Snitched” is such a silly word!”  

i got to see a beautiful, heartfelt display of all kinds of different emotions from my almost grown five year old. a perfect start to a wonderful weekend!   


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