how old are you?

it was an exciting weekend! celebrated a quarter of a century with my lovie, issued our opinion at work (accounting lingo for done with a big job and really awful hours), went shootin’, visited Annapolis, tried new restaurants, celebrated Easter and more!!!

a card bug secretly made for dad’s birthday all by herself [yup, i cried]

translation: i love my dad cuz you’re so handsome

Spanish tapas to celebrate issuance day at work

a visit to Annapolis and the Naval Academy

being silly [photo credits to bug]

a little piece of happiness found on our stroll through Annapolis ^

^ at a Japanese steakhouse where the chef started to conversationally chat with Berkley.  after exchanging names he asked how old she was, to which she politely responded and then promptly asked him how old he was 🙂 i didn’t even attempt to explain why that wasn’t really polite.  grown ups ask kids how old they are all the time, why can’t it work the other way around?!  an overall successful weekend.


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