star of the week

so this week bug was STAR OF THE WEEK at school!  this was a very big deal.

On Monday she brought in a poster all about her.

On Tuesday she brought her favorite book [ classic ballet stories]. She wrote her name on it so no one would accidentally take it home.

On Wednesday she wore her favorite outfit [a multi-color, “spinny” dress and crown].

On Thursday she took in her favorite CD.  Composed of a lot of Disney princess songs, black eyed peas, Annie soundtrack, and of course this!

On Friday she got to share a special snack with her friends. Bears on the beach. Which of course could only be the most difficult thing in the world to transport [there was no convincing her that brownie hearts were just as awesome, she had her mind set]. They did turn out pretty cute though!

Altogether she had a fun week to celebrate being an individual and share things that she loves with her friends!


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