parents need to hunt eggs too

so i woke up early this past saturday to an excited little girl telling me that it was time to get up, she had a big surprise for “the adults”.  my initial reaction was to roll over and inform her that it was 6:30 on a saturday morning and that mommies needed to sleep in on saturdays so that they have enough energy throughout the rest of the week.  she was extremely persistent and eventually coaxed us out of bed.  and let me tell you….that little girl filled and hid 39 eggs before i had even opened my eyes! she informed us that parents need to hunt eggs too, so she had taken it upon herself to put together a little egg hunt.  ~melt my heart~ 

^ we found a lovely assortment of her own Easter candy, pieces of candy bars, chex mix, bits of candy canes [yep, those have been in the candy bowl since Christmas], and some gum too!!

 sometimes that girl makes me question whether i am doing a good job raising her and teaching her the things that are important in life. and then there are times i find myself completely amazed at what she teaches me!


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