kindergarten orientation

yes it is happening, i must accept this fact and move on.  my baby is going to kindergarten.  we had our first look at bug’s new school and boy is she excited!  we checked out a classroom, the gym, labs, the library, the lunchroom [a la carte items for kindergarteners?!  i am a little nervous about that new found freedom], and of course the playground.   she kept telling me she “adored” everything in that new big school, and after being complimented on her purse full of crayons she informed the teacher that she is “always prepared”.  she may be prepared, I am not. but it is happening either way!

[and yes we all know I will be a blubbering baby on that first day]

we also took a bus ride, and let me tell you, the bus has sure changed a lot since I rode it!!  there were no scary stories about pencils being jabbed into eyes or children being thrown into the front window.  the put the fear of death into these kiddos to make them behave on the bus!  when they went over the rule about no gum on the bus, bug frantically handed me her gum “quick mom, throw it away”……whatever works I guess.


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