out and about

although i miss good ole indiana with it’s sprawling corn fields and nonexistent trafffic, there are some pretty awesome perks to Washington DC!  we can just meander on over to one of the amazing Smithsonian museums, try all kinds of new mom and pop restaurants, take a stroll by the white house and so on…the entertainment options are limitless!

bug witnessed her first protest at the white house, and boy did she have a LOT of questions afterward.

i might be more than mildly jealous at the amount of lovin she lavishes on her daddy, but i understand, i think he’s pretty awesome too ^

we went to the smithsonian museum of natural history {bug’s fave}, where i was even more amazed at her five year old ability to absorb EVERY tidbit of information imaginable.  she seems to be interested in everything and asks questions that make me thank the lord for google. she also points things out, in her sometimes horribly embarrassing boldness {“that rock looks kind of like a boy’s private parts mom”….. at the top of her lungs…..i almost passed out}, that make me realize she is definitely not a baby anymore.

this is what i have to deal with when attempting to take pictures ^

oh the things that entertain you when you’re five ^

and a stop by dad’s building to check out the progress….not too shabby!


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