i’m baaaaaacccckkkk!

hooray for being back to normal life again!!  i have had a blast traveling around and getting to see/experience so many awesome new things, but it is still nice to be back home and settled into a [somewhat normal] routine again.  so some of the things that have happened while i was taking a sabbatical from blogging:

– bug became an official graduate [yea, yea i know it’s preschool, but its a big deal to me]

– we had a lovely night at the Newseum with some of my fabulous co-workers

– sent bug back to Indiana for a week to get some family lovin

– i acted like i was a baseball fan, catching games in DC and Dallas [i really just go for the wave]

– did a family tour of California!  we hit up San Diego, LA and San Francisco

– and celebrated two years of being a Mrs!

// there is obviously going to be more to come on these, because as you know i am slightly obsessed with photographing every detail of life //


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