preschool graduation. yes it’s a big deal.

so i am still trying to play catch up.  this is going to be slow and painful, as i am currently trying to cram for the cpa exam.

anywho.  the craziness started way back in the beginning of June when bug graduated from preschool.  i never thought that preschool graduation was a legit thing, but oh boy was i wrong.  little bug’s school goes all out for graduation day.  there were pictures in full blown cap and gown, poems, a heartwarming rendition of over the rainbow, speeches, a luncheon, a yearbook [which you must have signed by all your friends], and lots of crying moms.  even though it seemed to be specifically coordinated to bring out the maximum amount of tears possible, it was fabulous.

yes i am aware that it is only preschool and she is not yet leaving the nest for college [thank the lord], but the transition from preschool to elementary school is one of those times to sit back and reflect on how quickly the past 5 years have flown by. 5 YEARS!!!! i can hardly believe that we are entering the years of sleepovers and soccer, where the thought of her mom being her best friend is ridiculous, and boys even become cute in the much too near future!  the days of diapers and long snuggly naps are distant memories.

as i watched my little bug recite her poem and sing her heart out, i thought of how many wonderful memories we have had in these preschool days and how many more we have to look forward to. can’t wait to see what is next Berkley Elizabeth!

yes, i cried like a baby again.

and why are school pictures always the most unflattering?!


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