San Diego [part 1]

so the run down on our vacation is going to have to happen in multiple posts.  first we went to San Diego.  it was beeeaauutiful!  it was the first time for any of the Houstons to be in California, so were super excited and it didn’t let us down! some highlights from San Diego:

 – our hotel was on Shelter Island and there was a huge marina right outside our door

– we went to Coronado Island and the Hotel del Coronado to explore the town and the beach.  we got some awesome ice cream cones where 2 scoops actually equaled 5.

– did a lot of rock climbing.  bug was not the least bit scared, which only scared me more. but she kept up with daddy surprisingly well!

– we visited the USS Midway, an older aircraft carrier.  i was blown away at how much bug enjoyed herself [i thought she might be interested for an hour or so, but she wanted to stay long after shane and i had lost interest].  we got to “fly airplanes”, sit in the captains chair, navigate through the underground town, and learn all about life on a ship.

– checked out parts of Balboa park [it is huge]

– hit up the beach at la jolla


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