San Diego [part 2]

so you can’t take a trip to San Diego and not hit up the zoo [at least we couldn’t]!  shane and bug are animal experts, well, compared to me [they watch Animal Exploration every night though, so they should know more than me].  i absolutely loved this zoo.  we have always heard that San Diego has one of the best zoos in the country, and it is definitely the best one i have seen [and we have been to quite a few]!  the way it is set up, there are always animals around you to see.  at other zoos, you may have to walk from exhibit to exhibit to see the animals, but not here.  there are tons of them, all along the walkways and everywhere you look there are animals.

another thing i like, you can get really close to the animals

another thing i like, the skylift.  you can look down on the animals and out over the city.

another thing i like, they have lots of rare animals not seen at other zoos

as you can probably see, we were big fans.  i would highly recommend it!


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