we took bug to see the movie Brave the other day.  i loved it, she did not.  it was too sad for her.  i think she cried through at least a 1/4 of the movie.   a part of me loves that she is so sensitive, and when she gets all weepy she clings to me and professes her undying love and affection.  she cries at sad books, movies, songs, but she also cries if she gets the slightest notion that you don’t appreciate what she has done [ex: when no one laughs at her jokes, if you don’t proclaim every piece of artwork as a masterpiece, etc].

i am so ill-equipped to deal with this sensitive little girl.  when i was little my mother was concerned for the opposite reason, i never cried [except when wilson floated away in castaway, which only seemed to concern her more].  movies, books, even real life events rarely ever triggered tears for me.  since having berkley i have become significantly more emotional, but i am still no where near the level of this little girl.  i have constantly been searching for ways to toughen her up so she doesn’t spend half her days weeping over things she can’t change. but then a part of me feels that this is a wonderful blessing she has, to feel so much emotion for those around her.  she brought home this project below a few months ago.

Translation:  “If I could change one thing about our planet Earth it would be that everybody had a home”

what is the right thing to do!?  maybe i should continue to toughen her up, to protect her from the hurt that is bound to come. or maybe i should embrace my sensitive little girl. maybe i should even try to learn a few lessons from her….


3 thoughts on “sensitive

  1. Embrace….she is who she is. Empower her to use the sensitivity to do good. We all have gifts and personalities that are unique. That is what makes this world go round…besides, she is just like her grammy…and i don’t think that is so bad 🙂

  2. Keep helping her know what to do with those emotions, Kate. God gave that personality to her for a reason.
    PS – you’re doing a good job with her. 🙂

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