studying – a lesson in perseverance i never learned

i am sitting here, attempting to study for the CPA exam, knowing that i am going to fail my test at 5 o’clock this evening if i don’t get through at least five more lessons and a practice exam…….and what do you know, i find myself blogging [and pinning and facebook creeping, and checking my email, bank account, credit card balance, next car insurance payment, etc].  basically doing anything but study.   i desperately need to pass these exams while i have the time to study, but i cannot find the motivation.  maybe it is the horrific subject matter [i honestly don’t see when i am going to use half of the stuff this exam expects me to know] or maybe its just me!  i am currently questioning how i made it through college.   what is the cure for this?!  how do i motivate myself to do something i absolutely do NOT want to do!?  this is definitely an area of improvement for me.

i mean honestly, did that watermelon have to be sliced right in the middle of a lesson.  why yes, yes it did.

also i am currently dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants [yes i realize it is July], freezing my butt off because i am forbidden from turning down the air.  i mean that boy walks in the door, and literally ten seconds later looks at me and says “you moved it, didn’t you” [referring to the thermostat].  it’s almost a superhuman power.  and then of course bug has to sleep with fifty blankets on, although refusing to wear pants to bed, making her hot at night also.  so i lose, two to one on the air conditioning argument.

PS: Does popcorn go bad?  i think i am going to find out because i have some that expired quite awhile ago, but i’m really craving it.


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