hold me closer tiny dancer

it is sometimes the simplest little things that make me stop and think about how quickly my baby is growing into a young lady. even after a few days of being out of town i come home to find she has learned some new witty comeback or developed a new passion about something she read in a book or heard at school.  it is in those moments, when i see how quickly she can change, that the bittersweet feelings wash over me. childhood is so fleeting and i shouldn’t let myself get too worked up over the little things [like spilling a bowl of salsa on the carpet or refusing to let me tame her unruly hair], but learn to cherish every moment i get with her.  i know, i know – this is easier said than done sometimes, but i just need to keep reminding myself that my time as “mommy” won’t last forever.

 she had to join the younger kids for a ballet make up class recently. seeing that she is an only child and most of her playmates are her age or older,  i don’t get to see her interacting with younger children too often.  but boy was i quite the proud momma that day!  throughout the lesson she was a wonderful role model for the younger kids, even taking their hands and guiding them back to their spots when they wandered.

  it was another “wow she is growing up so fast” stunner for me.

and as cheesy as it sounds, all i wanted to do was hold my tiny dancer close. so i did.


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