the thrill of thrifting

i would consider myself a tried and true thrifter.  if i can get it for a fraction of the price, slightly used, i am all over it.  a large portion of our furniture is thrifted, which just makes sense seeing that we move around quite a bit and then don’t feel guilty when we have to get rid of a lamp or a table along the way.  PLUS there is always a thrilling feeling when you come home with a score of new [to me] good stuff, having only spent a few dollars.  i got all this stuff for less than a typical lunch costs me.  that is success if ya ask me.

as you can tell i was really feeling the summery colors this day.  i think if i were to go shopping today, you might see a bit more fall in my haul!  and no, i don’t intend to wear that red pleather dress….it is going to be reborn as a clutch!


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