i was in philly for work last week and really enjoyed the city!  it was gorgeous (at least the parts i saw) and easily accessible (abundant cabs, easy subway, central train station).  i took the train there and found it to be a lovely experience [although i don’t think anything will quite live up to my Hogwarts Express dreams], and although i was there for work i managed to get out and see a bit of the city too.

 || a gorgeous view from the train…sigh…so much nicer than flying for short trips like this ||

  || we started off with a little Phillies vs Braves action.  so much fun to be sitting next to true fans, especially when the Pistachio girl sings and pronounces them “peeeee -stachios”  ||

 || had a mini birthday celebration and supped on some amazing mexican food, La Calaca Feliz. try it if you’re ever in Philly, and thank me later. ||

 || the birthday boy and [somewhat] native Philly expert ||

 || i love love loved the town hall!!  we walked by it every morning on our way to work and i think i snapped a pic every day ||


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