a little bug update:

– she has become awfully clever these days.  we gave her the option to play for fifteen minutes more or to read one chapter in her book and then straight to bed.  she negotiated with us saying that she would prefer to play for 10 minutes and then spend five minutes reading her book.  we couldn’t say no to her well thought out negotiations

– she loves to make us guess things, like what she had for lunch [shane: blueberry pie with ravens baked into it   bug: not quite but you’re on the right track, getting hotter dad]

– when shane teases me she tells him “you picked her, now you’re stuck with her”

– has an extreme love of hand gestures, nods, and ridiculous facial expressions.  struggles to respond to hello or good morning, but is gradually improving.

– is completely obsessed with adding to her “penny” bank, but did recently offer to pay us each 50 bucks if we would take her to Fro Yo  [yes we did take her, no we did not take the 100 bucks]

– asks us to remind her that she likes salmon.  likes apricots, sprouts, and zucchini without being reminded.

– knows all the words to the worst possible Ke$ha songs and always asks if she can sing them out loud [knowing full well that i am going to say no]

– likes to use big words.  doesn’t particularly care if they are in the right context.  ex: “she wasn’t listening to the teacher.  isn’t that just so thoroughly obvious of her.”

– has become a bit afraid of the dark [i blame the little girl at school that told her aliens are real and she saw one with her own eyes]

– is a workaholic.  i mean this girl has had a secret spy event at least three times a week for the past two years.  us parents occasionally get in on some top secret information, for our own protection ya know!

i look forward to every dinner/lunch/ice cream/car ride conversation with great anticipation!

oh my darling 5 year old. how i adore you.


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