|| babies ||

i don’t know when exactly this came upon me, but i officially have the baby fever.  i find myself making strange gurgling noises just looking at plump little baby faces these days.  i have contemplated asking a complete stranger if i could snuggle their baby.  i even thought about reaching out to touch a pregnant lady’s belly [and then i snapped to and caught myself].  but look at these baby pictures, how can i not coo over those drooly lips and gummy smiles?!

i am feeling an extreme urge to relive the baby days, bear with me people.

first there is the “sleep and cuddle” stage, where you snap pics of every teeny appendage and vigorously question all mothers with a child under the age of 1 to make sure your baby is normal.

then there is the “wide eyed, cooing” stage. where baby is entranced by everything and you can’t see anything but baby.

then there is the “see what i can do” stage,  where you watch the pure joy baby has while trying new things.  this is typically when sentences start to form and you can actually hear them say “see what i can do ma”, which thrills you to no end [although one day you may wish you could go back to the cooing and gurgling days].and then there is this stage.  the “i have enough teeth to eat anything you throw at me and am no longer a baby stage”.  and the next thing you know your baby is in Kindergarten.

[and maybe we have found the root of this baby fever my friends.  you know i had to link it back to Kindergarten, my week of gushing isn’t over yet!]


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