all you do is kick the ball and run around. what’s the point?!

look at this little superstar.

or maybe that is just a trick of the camera…

ok, yes, it is a trick of the camera. this happens to be the only time bug actually touched the ball.

in all actuality these next pictures show the true essence of bug’s soccer experience:

the bug had her first game this weekend and let me tell you, “she didn’t like it” would be an understatement.  she was that child walking aimlessly around the field, crying, and playing with her water bottle on the sidelines rather than watching her team.  shane and i were a bit disconcerted by this since she seemed to really love practice, and our first reaction was to start yelling “run”.  this of course had the exact opposite effect.  by the end of the game we were cheering when she even acknowledged there was a ball or [on a few chance occasions] walked toward the ball at a brisk pace!

 no big deal little bug, as long as you tough out this season, mom and dad are proud of ya for trying something new!


2 thoughts on “all you do is kick the ball and run around. what’s the point?!

  1. I agree with Bug…soccer is bad…softball is good 😀 but….I can’t wait to come see her whine on the sideline or out on the field. BTW…she looks fabulous in the uniform!

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