teacher appreciation

i cannot express how important the bug’s teachers have been for her.  we have been soooooo lucky to have some of the greatest teachers out there!  taking care of your own kid is one thing, but taking care of other people’s children, in mass amounts, and attempting to teach them something at the same time……i mean honestly, i couldn’t do it.  that is why i try to constantly reinforce in the bug how important it is to show teachers how much we appreciate them.  first and foremost by listening and doing what you’re told [kind of a struggle for her], but also occasionally doing something more for them.  so bug chose to do this for her teachers [with a little help from mom]:
side note:  if you don’t have a plooper [as seen above],  you are sorely missing out my friend.
bug wanted me to take a pic because it looks like we are eating grass. [it’s zucchini, no worries]
so I also found a bunch of school poems.  and yes they are horribly corny.  and of course i adore them. so here ya go.
Parents And Teachers 
I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind
And they fashioned it with care.
One was a teacher; the tools she used
were books and music and art;
One was a parent with a guiding hand
and a gentle loving heart.
And when at last their work was done
They were proud of what they had wrought
For the things they had worked into the child
Could never be sold or bought.
And each agreed she would have failed
if she had worked alone
For behind the parent stood the school,
and behind the teacher stood the home

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