oooh life

so i finally got vacation photos uploaded to my comp today, but that is about the only thing i have done for myself all week.  i had a crazy client (commuting almost 4 hours a day, barf) and papa bear is out of town doing some career fair recruiting, so blogging just wasn’t in the picture. soon my friends, soon.  and they are going to be fabulous!

in other news, BUG SCORED A GOAL in soccer!!  she may actually have some athleticism in her after all.  i was maybe a little more thrilled than i should have been, but hey, it could be a once in a lifetime thing!

also, i am extremely grateful for the hubs this week.  when he is gone, i can’t imagine doing life without him. not to mention i have no one to back me up when we have been out of toilet paper for 4 days and  i still don’t feel like stopping at the grocery after a ridiculously long day.

also, he sends me emails like this while at work:


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