old san juan

so this is gonna have to be one of those posts that hits ya in about three separate parts.  sorry, but i am strapped at work and have way too many photos to sift through all at once. so i’m breaking it down!

we started our trip in old san juan.  it was as quaint and lovely as i had imagined!  we went during the tourist “low season” so it was pretty quite and easy to see and do everything!  we took advantage of the free trolleys and rode around looking at all the gorgeous old houses and cobblestone streets.  we checked out the two forts San Cristobal and El Morro, which had gorgeous views [if you’re into that kind of thing].

also, prepare yourself for lots of BEAUTIFUL skies.

best duck nachos i’ve ever had ^  and all around fabulous food here, I highly recommend it!


4 thoughts on “old san juan

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