the fairfax festival

while papa bear was out of town, bug and i had another girls date!  these always turn out to be great fun [not sure what that’s saying shane 😉 ].  we had a gorgeous fall day and it actually worked out well that there were two instead of three because then no one had to be the odd man out on the rides.  and we got to whip out the boots!

my mini me ^ the ferris wheel pic above was taken by her!

the best part of any festival/fair ^  berkley asked why they put so much salt on them and for a moment i felt like a failure as a parent.  had my child really never had a funnel cake?! and then as i explained that it was powdered sugar she said” oh yea, its sweet not salty, i remember”.  whew.

pure delight! ^ she wanted to keep riding this one over and over.

this is the best i could get out of her.  when you’re 5 i guess it’s great fun to push your mother to her limits. i’ve learned to pick my battles.


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