when we moved to DC we put together a long list of places we wanted to visit.  there is so much to see and do within driving range out here and we want to make the most of it because as we have learned before, plans can change very quickly.  shane’s dad came out to visit, so we went to brush up on our US history in Gettysburg!

we had the most gorgeous fall day ^

as seen in this post, these guys spent quite a bit of time rough-housing and running around.


our fearless leader ^

bug loved the museum, except she wasn’t too keen on the introductory video depicting the war [men being shot, lots of shouting and loud bangs].  i can’t say i blame her. we had lots of discussions about slavery and war, which she seemed to be really thinking through.

takedown.  they did this for hours.

altogether a fabulous outing [and only an 1 1/2 away from us]!


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