school days

so bug has been in school for almost two months now, and we have been feeling a little bit of  the back to school blues.  she struggled with the transition to no nap [that girl used to take her naps very seriously] and was also struggling with the reward/punishment system at school.

so first of all, when i say that my child is very verbal and precocious, i am not exaggerating a bit.  almost all of bug’s former and current teachers can vouch for this!!  my kindergartner is a slight know it all, and isn’t afraid to tell you.  for example: while other children would be more than satisfied with a trip to the beach or the park, bug wants to go on a tour of an old aircraft carrier or to the museum of natural history to check out the minerals/gems exhibit.  she then wants to regurgitate everything she has seen or heard to anyone willing to listen. mind you, her parents might lean slightly towards the nerdy side, and thus she may already be doomed in this area…

but that is not the only strong character trait in this little one, she is also the most independent person i know!  initially this was only a wondrous gift.  like when she was potty trained within a week of trying, or when she started insisting that she shower by herself at 4.  then it slowly developed into something slightly more complex, like when she insisted that those ten things attached to your hands were “thingers” and absolutely refused to be corrected, or when she begged to dye her hair pink for a week because blonde hair was just soooooo boring and almost everyone in her class has blondish hair!  [golly, i can’t wait for 16]

so when she started public kindergarten, we wondered what we were going to get.  for the first few weeks she came home with success stories and tales of new friends.  eventually though, we started to hear more and more about the “clip chart” and of her troubles with “getting a jewel”.  [so the clip chart is the system of reward/punishment in her class.  if you have good behavior, you clip off the chart and get a jewel.  if your behavior is not so exemplary, no jewels]  every day we would check and see if  she had a jewel, and at first we weren’t too troubled by it, but eventually it got to a point where she was one of 4 kids without a jewel. when we reached out to her teacher, we got back exactly what we expected.  trouble with talking during class, potentially due to boredom.  

her teacher suggested stressing her leadership qualities to her, to show her that she needed to be a good example for her classmates. and that wonderful lady pulled bug aside at the start of class last week [bug had a mini meltdown as she thought she was in big trouble], and stressed to her that she needed berkley’s help to be a good example for her friends.  and of course it worked, “because teacher’s just know everything” [bug quote].  she now has two jewels and a GREATLY improved attitude towards school.

oh little miss thang, i can’t wait to see what life has in store for you!!

PS: we want this good behavior to last, any ideas on how to challenge or inspire young children in the classroom?!


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