the pumpkin patch

our trip to the pumpkin patch this year was a bit different than what we are used to.  when i think a trip to the pumpkin patch, i think Beasley’s Orchard in Indiana. Beasley’s is a pumpkin patch and orchard with a hayride to pick up your pumpkin, a cutesy general store to purchase apple cider and caramel apples, and not much else.  this year we went to Pumpkinville which was so commercialized and crowded and, well, just not Beasleys.  but we had a good time despite all that.

spray painted octopus ice cream truck…so not Beasleys.

bug almost got her face chomped on by a horse.

luckily papa bear saw it coming and threw his arm up in front of her face, saving her from a nasty bite [his arm paid the price for that].

unluckily he bashed her in the nose, which did not save her from a screaming fit [“it tried to eat me”…it was actually hilarious….is it bad parenting to laugh at your child’s expense?!].

and fall = turqouise skinnies and boots.  hooray!


2 thoughts on “the pumpkin patch

  1. i’ve just found your blog, I’ve been reading some posts, and I just can say that I love you guys!!! wanna see you everyday, so here I will be!!


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