sandy, sandy’s her name if you please.

Hurricane Sandy. i don’t know how i feel about you.

first of all, school was cancelled for two days before the first rain drop had even fallen.  then, once the federal government shut down, work was “cancelled”. unfortunately in this day and age, work is portable, and since Sandy has not knocked out our power [yet] i was forced to work from home.  which may just be the hardest thing ever when your husband and daughter do not have to work.  thus i ended up doing quite a bit of this:

also, being cooped up in the house for two straight days is just not to my liking.  it is fun to stay in your pajamas and snack all day. but then sometimes your daughter starts jumping around like a maniac, which leads to an adventure out into the storm to see if ANYTHING is even open, which then leads to your husband convincing you to go to McDonalds [it really never closes].  blah, bad idea. [he paid for it later when i forced him to watch the Taylor Swift documentary]

i did take a rather long lunch break though. which may have included a bit of this:

which leaves me altogether undecided.  and yes, that title is an Annie reference. i may know every song by heart….


4 thoughts on “sandy, sandy’s her name if you please.

  1. Stay safe from Sandy! As scary as the anticipation of the storm may be- cozying up, reading, coloring and hubby staying home from work sounds blissful to me! xo

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