how can you not love this holiday.  and this face.

she went as a candy corn witch this year, after i was all geared up to put together this elaborate belly dancer costume she has been asking for since last halloween.  i was slightly disappointed that i didn’t get to showcase my creativity, but maybe i should be glad she picked this instead of a belly dancer….

giving us her best witchy looks ^

“moooommmm, i can’t be the only one dressing up”. “dad, you can just go as a construction worker, that’s fine with me”.

tired girl trying to stay awake ^
when we got home shane teasingly took half of her candy pile and claimed it for himself.  much to my surprise [and delight] she said yea dad, that can be your pile. melt. then she proceeded to sort her candy by color….she may just be my child after all!


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