a little bug update

since this seems to be a week purely dedicated to bug posts [again], i figured why not do an update!  so i get another chance to whine about how quickly she is growing up and brag about how awesome she is:

– when informed that the rest of her sippy cups were going in the trash she cried and said “but can’t we just keep one, so i can remember all of the great times we had together”

– she complains frequently that it’s not fair parents get to do “lick kisses” but when she tries to do them we get mad at her….

– she likes to pack a pb&j sandwich [or 2] when shane and i want to go out to eat.  she must make it all by herself, and never forgets to pack napkins.

– she is taking spanish lessons and constantly asks us what this or that is in spanish [thank the lord for google]

– she has consistently asked for a baby sister for every birthday and christmas since she could speak

– she likes to pose us for pictures [especially at 7 a.m.]

 – she is a fashion queen, as you well know

– she started keeping a journal after watching Harriet the Spy.  i then felt Harriet’s mother’s pain as she had to make that ever so important decision…to snoop or not to snoop…good thing bug is 5 and doesn’t write about boys yet.


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