i work out….well, sometimes

so between work, and running around my crazy 5 year old, and more work, i find it very hard to motivate myself to work out. during the summer it is a little easier because i like to run when it is nice out, but when it is cold. uh uh, not happening.  so after i had berkley i found these turbo jam videos that i absolutely fell in love with!  chalene [the video instructor] and i became quite good friends, as i used them on the regular (mixing in other types of workouts along the way) for almost six years.

unfortunately, my dog seemed to like the videos as much as i did and has now chewed up 4 of the 5 dvds. as you can see below she attempted to get the last one, but i was not about to let that happen.


so when a friend of mine posted a link for the new Turbo Fire workout by Chalene, i jumped all over it.  and boy oh boy is it AWESOME!  it kicks my butt every time i turn it on, no matter how long the time period.  i had shane [the workout king.  i mean honestly he works out on the daily] do the ab workout with me, and even he was impressed!

i’ve realized that if i can set aside even 15 minutes a day for this workout, it does wonders for my energy level!


get the workout here!

i’m always open to new videos if you’ve got a good one!?


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