holiday parties

tis the season for work holiday parties, and all the joys they entail!  so first let me rant for a moment on the dilemma of seeing the words “cocktail attire” in an invitation.  cocktail attire could mean anything!!  i asked google and this is what it had to say about it:

Cocktail Attire for Women: What is cocktail attire for women? The appropriate cocktail attire for women consists of short and long formal dresses, high heels, and fancy hats.

fancy hats?  short and long formal dresses?  thanks for nothing google.

so anyways, after much debating about what to wear we were on our way!  our evening started out with some family photos….



and then i realized that the hubs was not going to shave his mustache [a by product of no-shave-november] off for my work holiday party, and was going to meet many important people looking like a major creepazoid  [evidence of creepiness above]!  thus ensued an argument.  and let me tell you, that boy went so far as to keep his mustache during dinner and then secretly shave it off in the bathroom right before the party!!!!! yea you got me good babe.  better watch your back….IMG_2398

photo 4the party was really lovely!  they went so far as to include a photo booth, dance floor, chocolate fountains and 16 open bars!

000_original (4)00_original (4)and you know it’s a good night when you end up with photos like this ^^ pure class.


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