hot yoga

i have been trying to find some type of workout that i can really get into.  i used to love my TurboFire workouts, however now that we have neighbors below us, those can only be done at certain times of the day, and well, i don’t really have a lot of free hours in the day to work with.  the hubs is a workout maniac, wakes up long before the sun to swim and later goes to the gym.  i mean, really, how do i keep up with that?!

on saturday we went to the library, and drove past a yoga studio. i thought, i really need to try this hot yoga to see what all the hype is about.  so i signed up for a class on sunday and had my first go of  Bikram (hot) yoga [kind of spontaneous like]!

oh me oh my, it was fabulous!  i’m hooked.

now let me tell you, when they say hot, they mean hot!!!  105 degrees in that room with thirty other sweaty people, no wonder they tell you to bring lots of water and 2 large towels. holy sweaty mess. but what an invigorating feeling [once i got past the almost blacking out feeling]. hot yoga, you just might be my new thing!

maybe someday i’ll even be able to do this ^^ new years resolution?!


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