slow it down

not only is this my song of the moment, but it is my new motto.  i realize that i cannot necessarily control the pace of my work, but i am in control of what little free time i do have.  i am definitely an active, busy, move all the time, can’t sit still kind of person [unless i’m reading an amazing novel, in which case i can magically tune out the world].  the hubs whines all the time “why can’t you just sit and watch this show with me” or “can’t that wait until later”.  typically my response would be something along the lines of “the laundry doesn’t do itself babydoll” or “well, seeing as these dishes have been sitting here for about 5 days, no”.

so last night i was able to make it home for dinner and instead of tackling the 8 billion items on my to do list, we put together bug’s new cardboard castle and then sat down as a family to watch Chimpanzee [which was fabulous of course].   ahhhhh, what a wonderful feeling to just set the little things aside for a bit and focus on the important things (including myself).

this must happen more often!

9and what’s a post without some kind of picture.  this one is from our trip home from Indiana,  and i thought it particularly calming (and beautiful to boot)!!


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