don’t fly standby they said

maybe i should have listened to the airlines pleas, when they asked standby travelers not to fly this weekend, and explained that the Inaugeration meant that a lot of people would be flying into and out of the DC airports, thus making it hard to get on a flight. but oh the rule breaker that i am, i decided to do it anyways.

pan to Kate sitting in a corner of the airport crying because she missed her flight and the rest of the flights were fully booked for that day: and this my friends can only be blamed on my blatant disregard for the airlines warnings [although i will share some of the blame with the taxi driver that was 10 minutes late in picking me up]. i tried to do some work, but i was so distraught over wasting a precious day off that i mainly just wallowed in self pity while glaring at the other passengers getting onto their planes.

enter the magnificent husband who swoops in to save the day: he calls and says he is on his way to pick me up, that there is a flight the next morning with 40 open seats and that we are going on a mid-day date. he then takes me to a fabulous restaurant, for a walk along the river in Georgetown, shopping to buy a new dress for the wedding, and when we get home he suggests laying in bed watching Downton Abbey all evening. sigh…what did i do to deserve this man?!

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (3)IMG_20130120_125204 IMG_20130120_125351

the next morning i hopped on the plane with ease and flew back to Indiana for a beautiful wedding with some amazing people!



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