work days

my days as an accountant look a little like this:

IMG_20130208_092707 IMG_20130207_222205

 i get super pumped when the hubs makes me juice to start off my day ^ i make the best of eating dinner at work by getting great food (pear gorgonzola pizza.  i was such a skeptic, but it actually tastes delicious!)

making sure the snack cabinet is full is one of my most important jobs ^


the commute is often always terrible ^ but i have my audio books to keep my company

photo 1 (4)it is a really exciting day when i somehow manage to wear my snow boots the entire day and never change into my heels ^

IMG_20121011_105144sometimes i get to travel to cool places like NY ^ sometimes they are crappy places like middle of nowhere Ohio

and all the rest of it involves staring at a computer (which isn’t all bad, because i get to check in on this little blog every now and then)! wow, isn’t accounting just so interesting!?


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