and the quarter life crisis can begin…….now!

yep, i’m officially at that mark.  the hubs has had his go of the quarter life crisis (more to come on that here soon),  and now it is my turn.  so be on the lookout for craziness and know i have a legitimate reason now!  anywho….the birthday looked a little something like this:


a monday during busy season. blah. but the one saving grace was that it happens to also be presidents day, which means no school, which means a perfect excuse to work from home!!   and i did get to take a wonderful park break with a pretty adorable little munchkin, where i even managed to dust off the ol’ camera.

50_original 51_original53_original

all in all it was a rather good way to celebrate! especially since the rest of the week was pure chaos that resulted in very minimal sleep and culminated with me taking a four hour nap today.


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