drama drama drama

oh lawdy, i am so anxious for those adolescent years!!  the bug was very upset with me the other night and proceeded to tell me i had ruined her whole day and that she had made a special surprise for me, but that i no longer deserved it…..hence the card below….IMG_20130208_092905

i know every parent has these moments, but golly i hate it!!!

but then there are those moments where she is the sweetest, loviest child alive (alright, so maybe i’m a little biased, but fortunately it’s my blog so i can say what i’d like!).  example: every time i help her clean her desk i find at least 3-4 little love notes to me or papers with my name and little hearts drawn all around…melt my heart.  so although i have a feeling this little one is going to push my patience to it’s limits, she also makes it completely worthwhile!IMG_20130216_161900oh little bug, how i love you.



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