“working mothers”

Let me just start out by saying all mothers are “working mothers” because chasing a little one(s) around and maintaining a household is definitely a full time job!  But adding a career outside of the homelife to motherhood adds some extra challenges.  No matter what type of career you pursue, it will automatically be more to juggle and plan.  Things like: How am I supposed to be the Kindergarten secret reader and come to school for 30 minutes in the middle of a work day when my office is on the other side of town? Or how am I supposed to find time to help make 28 valentines when I am working 12+ hour days and weekends to meet a deadline?  Or who can bake 3 dozen cookies with two days notice?  It is days like this when I envy stay-at-home mothers and the ability to come and go and volunteer and bake extra cookies as they please.

But for me personally, I hope that my daughter sees from my career that women can bring just as much to the table as men can, and that you can do whatever you set your mind to!  And when she goes off to college and isn’t around on a daily basis, I won’t be wondering what to do with myself.  I also enjoy earning money and I feel better about spending it, knowing that I contributed as much as my husband did.  Not to mention, life is expensive, and if we are going to continue traveling and trying new restaurants and all the other things we like to do, I kind of have to work!  Sidenote: This is most definitely not a plug to run out and become a public accountant though, because geez o’pete those people like work wayyyyyy too much for any normal person, mother or not.

I recently read a wonderful article called “What not to Say to a Working Mom” that runs through some of the common things people say to working mothers without really thinking about it first.

I  had the luxury of being an almost stay-at-home mom while I was going to school for the first few years of my daughters life, and I am not undermining stay-at-home moms in any way, shape, or form (my momma was a stay-at-home mom for 18 years and i admire her for it).  I think Devon Corneal said it best when she said:

“I don’t think anyone sets out to be rude or judgmental, but I’ve been surprised at what well-meaning and generally thoughtful people say to mothers who aren’t staying home full-time with their children. There’s a subtle hostility or judgment that comes through in some of these statements that makes me wish that everyone would, every so often, think before they speak.

Just something to consider!

Also, if you would like to be lectured some more, please read my other blog rant about the perfect age of motherhood, because if I get asked about nannying again, it honestly might come to blows!!


2 thoughts on ““working mothers”

  1. I appreciate your thoughts Kate! I like that quote you posted, I would also add the pity looks and sympathy, those make me crazy! There is nothing to feel sorry for, my life is great! 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement! I also work for an accounting firm; I admire you all for the long hours and hard work you put in!

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