another day in the life of an accountant:

[because this is really exciting stuff guys!!]

whether it is morning or evening, you are just so happy to be seeing the sun


you get extra “i love you” notes and occasionally a “mom, i’m proud of all your hard work”

[if you are very lucky, that comes with a pat on the back]


you get words of encouragement from a suicidal frog.  this is supposed to cheer you up (i think?!) because there is popcorn in the tin….but it didn’t do a great job and you feel slightly more depressed from it…


then you actually need to find some inspirational quotes to hang in your office or prop up by your bed after looking at that frog’s face every time you want popcorn

IMG_0100 IMG_0215 you are frequently the last car in the garage


sometimes you get a snow day, only to realize that you forgot your power cord…


and then have to sneak your five year old in to work to fetch it!


and then you cherish every moment like this ❤

IMG_0252we’ve almost made it through busy season people (or at least the first one) so bear with these whiny posts….PS: the cruise has been booked!!


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