how the houstons became the houstons

so as i am perusing (and by that i mean blog stalking) other blogs, i notice that a lot of them have done some sort of “how we met” or “before there was us” post and i have been meaning to try it out myself for some time …so now seems as good a time as any!

it all started when kate and shane were high school sweethearts [obligatory awwww]


then there was just us:



and then there was a little bug:


9533_538265954247_6525042_n 9533_538266009137_3816358_n 9533_538266019117_1310620_n 9533_538266069017_4628844_n

and then there was that magical day when i officially became Mrs. Houston:

1_original 40618_553488054037_77762_n 40682_553522984037_5297218_n41309_553488388367_4747754_n

 40405_553488118907_1783748_n 40493_553523493017_7579474_n

for bug it went a little something like this:



but ultimately ended more like this:


so just in case you were wondering, there it is!

beautiful pictures via bungalow photography


3 thoughts on “how the houstons became the houstons

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