St. Party’s Day

honestly when i started typing this post on my phone, it autocorrected St. Patty’s to St. Party’s and so i figured, eh, basically the same thing (and probably more accurate anyways)!  so an odd thing happened this St. Patty’s day.  my mother just so happened to be in town and offered to have the bug come stay at her hotel overnight, so that shane and i could do a date night…..and the funny thing about that is that she did the same exact thing last year for St. Patty’s day!!! and didn’t even remember.

so it must be fate.  and shane and i are determined to make this an annual thing now momma.  be warned 🙂

20130319-220859.jpgphoto 2 (11)

bug was SOOOO beyond excited to get to spend a night with that grammy.  she packed her bag all day making sure she had just the right things to bring.  and kept asking when grammy was going to be here so “the real fun can begin”.

so shane and i left one over the moon little girl for a little adult time, which just seems to be few and far between these days. so our night started off a little like this:


mid-way through looked a little like this:
photo (1)

and ended a little something like this:

photo 1 (12)

photo 4 (9)

yep that is a Michael Jackson shrine right outside of our car (which we did end up sleeping in) and a bucket of crown (?!) fried chicken from the corner store down the street where we were SOOOO lucky not to have been mugged or shot. and yes, we ate every last bite of it.


we returned to pick up the girls for brunch, and of course bug spent a good amount of time jumping on the bed, the best part of staying in a hotel.  then we hit up Bittersweet, a cutesy little brunch place where we ate a ridiculous amount of food and did some much needed catching up with my mother dearest!





20130319-221042.jpgphoto 1 (13) and let me tell you about the coolest invention ever invented.  the fresh squeezed orange juice machine.  that thing right there is pure magic.  i need one of those at home stat.

husband take note.


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