daddy’s girl

these guys are absolutely two peas in a pod.  i mean, her daddy just can’t do anything wrong!  he is the coolest thing since sliced bread in her eyes.  he puts his foot on the table and she is following suit ten seconds later.  he really laughs at a joke she tells and she repeats it until we make her stop.  his new favorite song = her new favorite song [“what a coincidence dad”]. i hope that in the not so far off future of the teenage years, they are still this close and the bond just grows stronger!

33_original 35_original

sometimes i get a wee bit jealous, because come on, birthing her should give me a major advantage or at least a bump up in coolness levels! sigh… i guess i need to get myself a little mama’s boy or something!

2342 24 26

i think myla gets jealous sometimes too…or maybe she’s just hoping their tomfoolery will result in something tasty for her, but i’m going to pretend it’s the former so i have someone to whine to.

and now for a photo dump of bug entertaining us at dinner.  who knew eating bagel bites could be so adorable!?

38 40 41


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