a little bug update

a few little tidbits about being 6:


– while watching the opening of the Grammys, she said in her most know it all voice “he needs to quit talking about his grammy and get on with it”.  she refused to believe they would name an awards show after grandmothers (although she thinks hers are pretty cool)

– loves her tap class and can’t wait to join a big girl dance class [aka modern dance.  uh-oh] you should see some of this girls moves!

photo 1 (16)

– desperately wants to play tennis with someone her own age

– adores Junie B. Jones and quotes her on the regular.  she can read the Junie B. books on her own now, but still likes it better when i do it [thank goodness]

– occasionally i will find her playing her own masterpiece on the piano, which of course melts my heart

– is constantly trying to negotiate terms to get a sibling.  for example “i am going to start this brand new 6 year old behavior so that you won’t ever have to get mad at me and i’ll help you with chores, and then we can have another kid in our family because i will be such a big helper”….pretty convincing!

– adores legos. likes to make things for people “just to admire, obviously not to keep”.

– is slightly obsessive about her playlist and love love loves to sing with all her might [i’m not gonna be the one to tell her…]
photo 2 (15)

– enjoys doing math problems as a game.  hates losing at board games. attempts to change the rules to most games so that she can win “no dad, it’s not who can get to the door fastest, it’s who can get to the door slowest. i win”


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