play dates and friendship

Bug is now at the age in which she is truly exploring the nuances of friendship.  As she is such a sensitive little thing, I have a feeling that this is going to be an area in which there will be extreme joy and much heartache.

This little girl is the emotional opposite of her mama.  I have never been one to develop a deep sense of love or attachment to something in a manner anything but “slower than molasses”.  Bug, on the other hand, is lightning quick to develop a strong emotional bond.  As I mentioned here and here, she will cry her heart out at a reference to losing a loved one, or tree.  She bawled like a newborn baby when we went to see Brave and The Croods, clinging desperately to her mama and papa, respectively.  She coos to her stuffed animals, adores babies, and will cry if you even look at her the wrong way.

So now that she is making close friends, we are starting to see this rollercoaster of emotions that honestly terrifies me!!  One day she is completely ecstatic “we planted a garden of raisins and popcorn mom, it was such a wonderful day” and the next “she won’t talk to me because I wanted to play with Naomi today and she isn’t friends with Naomi”.  So much drama for being knee high to a grasshopper!  How do you raise a drama free girl?!  How do you teach her to let things roll off her back so she doesn’t absorb all the hurt, or is that how she learns?

anywho, we had a lovely play date with one of her good friends (fairly drama free even) and enjoyed this beautiful weather!

78101_original (1)76  79 83 100_original (1)


hopefully one day you will know you always have a drama free friend named mom!


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