it is sad, but true, we really do live for the weekends! yes i know it is thursday already and that i still haven’t quite caught up on my blogging, but i have a good excuse….i’ve been too busy enjoying my free time!  it’s a wonderful thing.

i got to go get dinner with some fabulous ladies and stop by my favorite dive bar for some shuffleboard and cheap beer.

photo 2 (22)hill country barbecue. man oh man, they know how to do potato salad and cornbread!

photo 3 (19)

photo 1 (25)this bar has shuffleboard, darts, skeeball, pool, buck hunter and they sell cheap PBR. what more could you ask for?

photo 2 (23)

i did some shopping and ballet and cooking with this pretty lady.

photo 1 (23)

photo 2 (21)she gets more and more independent every day ^

photo 4 (15)

she is an asparagus eating machine, although she won’t touch the tops of themphoto 2 (20)

i also got to go on a jog (multiple times) and marvel over my favorite trees.  i am starting to actually enjoy this running thing.  i am slightly concerned the love will fade away once all the gorgeous trees have stopped blooming though.photo 1 (24)

  photo 3 (18)

when the wind blows little petals fly all around you and you feel like Pocahontas in that scene where she sings “Paint with all the Colors of the Wind”.  don’t judge. come jog with me through this tree tunnel and you will understand!

photo 3 (17)

oh man.  it really is the little things in life that get me going these days! feeling extra thankful today!


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