welcome to miami where the heat is on

and mama got fried like a pickle on the very first day of vacation…

but we won’t start there!  oh no, we had such a jolly good time trying out planes on the way there, that we have to start there.  we boarded our flight at 5:45 am, they closed the door to the plane and then immediately announced that we would have to deplane due to an alignment issue with the nose.  they will put us on another plane that is ready to go, with the nose aligned.  we board that plane and half way through the process hear a loud crash!  we are then informed that the door [which is also the stairs] has fallen off, leaving us stuck on the plane until they could jerry-rig some stairs to get us off.  we were then informed our flight was cancelled and all passengers would need to be rerouted or rescheduled.

and then the beauty of flying standby displayed itself in full glory [it is not always an easy thing to fly standby, as i mentioned here]! as we were exiting the plane, we walked by a gate that was boarding for Charlotte, made a split decision to connect there and were able to hop on while our fellow passengers created a monstrous line at the help desk!  VICTORY!

welcome to the land of art deco, endless sunny skies, and lots o booty shorts!

46 22_original

^ a family bathroom pic.  yep, we went there. 829

^ hot dog on the head.  you are a brave soul husband.109_original (1)50

^ mojitos and cuban food [aka heaven]34 37114_original

^ la princessa.  rocking the oversized shades on the daily.

^ probably one of the cutest hotels we’ve stayed at, the Pestana. we loved that we could sit at the little cafe and eat while bug played in the pool!7 25_original (1)3042105_original (1)16

^ putting on a show [she was applauded by strangers walking by when she was finished]104_original (1)10


^ we got to meet up with some good friends110_original25and then it was on to da cruise! ^ i tried to fit it all in one post, but it wasn’t happening.


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