what a fabulous thing cruises are! although when you get on and think it’s only a 4 night cruise, you should really hope you have an awesome dog sitter who gladly accepts another day and a mother who works for the airline and can change your flights….or just pay attention when you book it in the first place!  i really like how easy cruising is.  you don’t have to decide where to go for dinner.  you don’t have to rent a car or catch taxis.  they have daycare and you know your kid isn’t going anywhere [except possibly in the water, but really there is no need to go thinking morbid thoughts like that because the kids program was really great] and you get free date nights with free entertainment!!

it was a really lovely experience, as you can see from the massive photo dump below!


^ bug obviously enjoyed herself, as you can see through all the pictures! she’s been on a “god bless america” kick lately, i’m pretty sure i’ve heard it over a 100x by now
6414     111_originalwe spent a whole day at Atlantis, which was amazing!  bug wasn’t quite tall enough to ride the really scary rides [thank goodness, she would have hated them], but shane and i tried them out.  the abyss, a 200 ft drop through the dark basically, was our favorite.  there were lots of kid friendly slides/pools/play areas and an awesome lazy river with rapids!61 62

we also toured through all of their aquariums and outdoor viewing areas ^  we saw the HUGE manta ray below at the very beginning of the day and jumped around like a bunch of loonies! 658274112_original

^ shane on the slide, going through the shark tank80
7873 8160

^ the forecast kept calling for rain every day, but we ended up with only a brief spell on the last day!71 83 85116_original

^ bug cherished every moment she got to dress up and act all fancy!  the food and staff were truly outstanding!


^ the second port stop was Half-moon Cay, Bahamas.  this was one of our favorites! it is only used for cruise ship docking and is uninhabited, and thus so clean and gorgeous!98108_original (1)

^ grit those teeth girl. [i consider it quite an accomplishment that the exposed scalp there did not fry after getting those braids, although i was deathly afraid it would]
106_original (1)13

we spent the last day in port at Grand Turk.  we hung out at Margaritaville, in their huge swim up pool basically all day. well, until they did the booty shakin contest and bug asked to move up closer to see better…..we left then.104 001 99

^ while on the ship we saw some great shows, learned how to fold these little guys at home, watched a lot of karaoke [and they also randomly pulled in stevie wonder for one show. no joke! we thought it was at first, but nope. really him. and bug adored it]2217i think i should become a travel blogger or something of that nature, don’t ya think?! i could definitely do this year round!


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