a day of motherly love

oh where to begin….my mom is the best.  i could just end it there i suppose, but it’s mother’s day, so indulge me.


my mother is one of those people that gives so selflessly. for example, if someone she just met is struggling with something or going through a tough spot, she makes it her problem too and goes out of her way to help, and more importantly let them know she is there for them if they need her. her compassion is astonishing!

she sacrificed so much for her family over the years, and we [speaking for the clan here] are forever grateful for all the wonderful opportunities she provided us! [ps: that dress ^ drooling]SCAN0072

she always encourages us to do what we love, no matter what other people think. [although i do recall her distinct reaction when i tried out for show choir “oh, you made it?!  did you actually have to sing in the audition?!?”]0035479584_original

she taught me to watch “yankee doodle dandy” on the 4th of July; that Franki Valli was just as good as [probably better than] Usher; that i shouldn’t take her word for it, but do some research and validate my own beliefs/thoughts…where i figured out she was actually pretty darn smart!6546512

she’s so brave. there were so many times in her life where she probably wanted to throw in the towel [i would have] and say i quit, but she didn’t.  she jumps into new adventures head first, and is always so enthusiastic and positive about it!


plus she raised us 5 hooligans ^  nuf said.0024654_original

this woman is truly amazing and i am so blessed to call her mother! love you ma!


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