space cadet

we took a trip to the National Air and Space Museum (the lesser known and bigger one near Dulles airport) and loved it!!  i was obsessed with the space hangar where the Discovery shuttle is now housed [pics of it on its way there, here].  i may have even snuck in to a tour or two while in that area, as i honestly find it wildly fascinating (did you know it made 37 trips?!?).

112^ don’t you love all the natural light and bright colors of the planes?!

102 127_original

^ trying to get her as excited about airplanes, engines, and space as we were….it was a slow process, but i think we finally got there!

 115 119

^ she was being the biggest love bug ever that day

129_original 120

^ jokes about stuffing her into that airplane hole  [the things that amuse them baffle me sometimes]

128_original 124 125_original

^ we had a long, in depth talk about war when we got to the Enola Gay. and i do have to say, although i don’t particularly like having to explain things like that to her, i do love seeing her work through her own feelings and thoughts.  she’s turning in to such a grown up girl! it won’t be much longer before we’re having the birds and bees talk [GULP].

101 126_original^ and this was the best i could get…..i guess dads are just way cooler… 108 130_original


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